“So much to love about these!”

The quality of material is second to none… I am always a stickler about leggings being too transparent, but these are not at all see-through. The material is light, airy, and doesn’t hold your sweat.

— Hilary D.

“The TushCush is very comfy!”

When I first put on the pants I thought the cushion was too big and that it might chafe on the inside of my thighs, like other cycling pants have done to me in the past. Once I got on the bike, I didn’t notice it at all. No chafing, and it’s not bulky. It was so nice to take out the tushcush after class to do some post-ride yoga. These are great pants and worth it!

— Jess T.

The TushCush is totally discreet, and very comfortable and easy to move in! I also like that the TushCush is removable, so if I want to do a regular work out, I can just take it out really easily and wear the leggings on their own.

— Katya V.


“I'm really impressed!”

I have to admit that I was initially skeptical about the idea of a removable TushCush – I worried about chafing, especially during long rides. But, after testing it out for about a month, I’m really impressed! It is absolutely ideal for combo workouts. I love being able to quickly transition from the bike to weight training/running/yoga without having to swap pants – you just quickly remove the TushCush and you’re good to go without missing a beat.

— Amber C.

“Super comfortable and perfect for all activities!”

These pants are incredible! They are super comfortable and perfect for all activities! I love wearing them on a ride followed by a run. And after wearing them recently for yoga they quickly became my go to yoga pants. I need more pairs!

— Sarah H.


“Definitely helps me to sit more comfortably on the bike.

The TushCush definitely helps me to sit more comfortably on the bike. I love that when I finish my ride, I can simply remove the TushCush and I'm able to wear the leggings for the rest of the day.

— Danyelle E.

Shocked at how comfortable these are...”

I am shocked at how comfortable these are… and more importantly, how amazing they make me look! I love having the option to have the added padding (without anyone knowing it's there) and the flexibility to remove it whenever I want.

— Kali H.


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